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Nexus: Status Update Week 9

Vertical Slice, GDC, Spring Break, a week of classes, and the flu has all come and gone since my last post. A lot has happened in three and half weeks and I am just now getting around to catching up on the blog. After Vertical Slice I headed off to GDC, which was an amazing […]

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Nexus: Status Update Week 1

This post continues off of the Nexus: Introduction post. After being placed on the games, Winter break was upon us and we had a month off. But it certainly wasn’t time for a break. The Nexus team hit the ground running and we immediately started Pre-Production. We broke off into sub-teams and began laying out […]

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Reflections of a Semester

Wow. Roughly four months have come and gone and semester one is complete. It’s hard to imagine how far we’ve all come. It feels like yesterday that we just started. We’ve been through 5 rounds of RPP, pitched game ideas, and completed dozens of assignments. We’ve also worked crazy hours (last week I think the […]

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