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Nexus: Status Update Week 11

Heavily prototyping the new power system was the goal for this past week. The producers prototyped a lot of different scenarios to test out the new power system. The goal of all of this prototyping was two-fold. First, we wanted to continue to make sure that the new system was actually fun and playable. From […]

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Nexus: Status Update Week 10

This week we focused mostly on our traversal system as well as some prototyping of our new power mechanic. As a reminder, the new power system involves the player having two shards at their disposal. At the moment, we are using the sticky light globs from before, but soon they will be replaced with shards. […]

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Nexus: Status Update Week 4

This week was less about reworking our first level and was more about new additions. This week we started working on our second and final Vertical Slice level. We are calling this level, for lack of a better name, the Aztec/Nexus area. This area is where the player will obtain the Nexus and acquire the […]

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