Production Samples


Nexus is a 3rd-person action-adventure game created by a team of 19 at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy. On Nexus I served a variety of roles, but in terms of production, I served as an Associate Producer on the team. I managed the team schedule, organized the Perforce directory, and I directed the marketing for the game via Facebook and I also lead the marketing efforts for SIGGRAPH. I recorded and edited weekly development videos and wrote a development blog. I also scheduled meetings and worked with the leads to make challenging decisions regarding the direction of the game.

Quick Info

  • Length: Eight Months
  • Team Size: 19
  • Tools: UDK, Flash, Microsoft Project, Hansoft, Perforce, OneNote, Camtasia Studio, Fraps
  • Skills: Scheduling, Team Management, Marketing,
    Metrics, Playtesting,
    Level Design, UI Scripting, Video Editing


Temple Cave Walkthrough

Sun Temple Walkthrough

These samples above are walkthroughs of the two levels found in the final version of the game. Both levels are a cumulative effort of everyone on the team.

To download the full version of Nexus, click the link below.

Click here to download Nexus!

Man Units

Man Units is a tower OFFENSE game where your objective is to clear a path for the Warlord. You use your Man Units to clear the path as the Destroyers take out towers, the Hunters remove hidden traps, and the Barbarians soak up damage and fight guards. For Man Units, I managed the project including scheduling and Perforce organization. I also wrote the instructions as well as assisted with gameplay design and scripting. Finally, I created a PHP/MySQL metrics database to track telemetry for the game.

Quick Info

  • Length: Three Weeks
  • Team Size: 4
  • Tools: FlashDevelop, Photoshop, MS Project, Perforce
  • Skills: Metrics, Scheduling, Team Management, Writing tutorials, PHP/MySQL, AS3


Man Units Gameplay Demo

You can play Man Units by clicking the link below.

Play Man Units here!

If you would like to know more about the metrics database that I created, click below to go to the PHP metrics page.

View Metrics Database System Sample

Together in the Dark

Together in the Dark is a two-player, co-operative game with voice chat. Player 1 has a copy of Player 2’s map and vice-versa. The players must communicate via voice chat to help each other avoid deadly areas and make it out of a damaged space station! For Together in the Dark, I managed a small team of 5, handling meetings, scheduling tasks, and organizing meeting notes and Perforce. I also designed levels and helped with gameplay design.

Quick Info

  • Length: Two Weeks
  • Team Size: 5
  • Tools: MS Project, Perforce, Flash, Photoshop
  • Skills: Scheduling, Team Management, Level Design


Together in the Dark Gameplay Video

You can play Together in the Dark by clicking the link below.

Play Together in the Dark here!

Under Dog

Cerberus, the gatekeeper and master of Tartarus, has decided to retire after many years of service to Hades. Your goal is to impress Cerberus by herding and sorting three types of souls to their final resting place. For Under Dog, I served primarily as the project manager, scheduling tasks and leading the team of 5 towards completing a two week prototype in Unity. I worked with a fellow producer to help design the game and make key decisions in order to complete the prototype which earned high praise for its simple effective gameplay and storytelling.

Quick Info

  • Length: Two Weeks
  • Team Size: 5
  • Tools: MS Project, Photoshop, Unity, Perforce
  • Skills: Scheduling, Team Management, Gameplay Design


Under Dog Gameplay Video

You can play Under Dog by clicking the link below.

Play Under Dog here!