Design Samples

Perverted Prison

In Perverted Prison, the player is given the option to escape the prison. However, to do so they must fight off patrolling guards while trying to find ten hidden targets. They must navigate a very complicated “Teleportal” Prison in order to find the targets and earn their freedom. For Perverted Prison, I designed the level, I completed all the gameplay scripting using Kismet in UDK, and I modified the UDK HUD to include a target counter. I also wrote all of the dialogue found in the level.

Quick Info

  • Length: Two Weeks
  • Team Size: 1
  • Tools: UDK, Photoshop, Audacity, Flash
  • Skills: Level Design, Gameplay Scripting, UI Design & Scripting, Dialogue Writing


Level Design Demo

Accompanying the video, I also wrote a detailed breakdown of the level. This document discusses certain areas and breaks down how I implemented the gameplay scripting.

Level Design Breakdown

Game Designs & One-Page Designs

Throughout my time at FIEA I completed several game design documents as well as one page designs. I have also done systems design and gameplay design as well. I helped design puzzles and gameplay events for Nexus, as well as designed gameplay for various smaller projects Together in the Dark, Man Units, and Under Dog.

    Quick Info

  • Length: Various Lengths
  • Team Size: 1
  • Tools: Word & Excel, Mindjet Mindmanager, Photoshop
  • Skills: Game Design, Graphic Design, Systems Design


  • Seven Days – Game Design    |    Harmonic Defenders – Game Design
    Seven Days is a 2.5D platformer that incorporates puzzles, stealth, basic combat, and switching forms between human and frog. Harmonic Defenders is an action RPG/tower defense game that has a rhythm component to it that serves as a combat mechanic
  • Dead West – Systems Design
    This was an assignment for the Production 2 class at FIEA to test our ability to design for an existing system. Dead West was a fellow FIEA Capstone game.
  • Angry Bots – One Page Design
    Angry Bots is a single, co-op, or four-player game that pits players against each other in a hexagonal battle arena, with custom created bots.

Nexus DVD Case & Manual Designs

For Nexus, I also completed various marketing components. I managed and updated the game’s Facebook page, I recorded weekly development videos, wrote a development blog, and managed our marketing plan for SIGGRAPH. This also included creating and designing the game’s manual, disc art, and DVD case.

    Quick Info

  • Length: Two Months
  • Team Size: 3
  • Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Skills: Graphic Design, Technical Writing


Nexus Manual and Cover Gallery

Click the image on the left to load the gallery for the Nexus DVD Case cover and manual.