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Sprites vs. Spriggans – Gameplay Video

I finally got around to making a gameplay video for Sprites vs. Spriggans, the iOS game developed back in Round 3 of RPP – the emergent gameplay round. I have posted the video to the blog. Please click on the link below to go the game page where you can view the video. Sprites vs. […]

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Sprites vs. Spriggans Postmortem

Working with the iDevices was an awesome opportunity. We started this project on a high note as we were all excited to have the chance to work with the devices. They offer so many different and unique design decisions. Working with them was really a fantastic learning experience. With that initial boost, the team had […]

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RPP Round 3 – Emergence

November is near and the adventure that is RPP continues. We are almost through round 3 and final presentations are just around the corner. It has been a busy two weeks for a lot of teams as everyone continues to tackle new engines and the new challenge for the round. For round 3 we have […]

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