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Under Dog Postmortem

The main focus for Under Dog was to make a fun story that was simple and easy to grasp. We did not want to spend a lot of time telling the story through long cutscenes, nor did we want to have to preface the story with a long explanation. We also wanted to weave the […]

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Under Dog – Full Version Posted

Under Dog is complete and is posted to the blog. Please click on the link below to play the game. Under Dog is a rapid prototype built for Round 2 of Rapid Prototype Production. Under Dog was developed using the Unity 3D engine. Play Under Dog by clicking here

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RPP Round 2 – Story Matters

Time has certainly flown by. It is October, we are already six weeks through the first semester, and we are almost done with RPP Round 2. The entire Cohort is starting to settle into this lifestyle of sleep deprivation, crunching for deadlines, and being bombarded with work from the core classes and RPP. One of […]

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