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Together in the Dark Postmortem

Our goal with Together in the Dark was to create a unique atmospheric game where co-op and voice chat were central mechanics. We wanted to create this ambiance that would make the players really feel like they were the last two people on a dying space station and all they had left was each other. […]

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Together in the Dark – Week 2

Before I begin this post, you can play Together in the Dark by clicking on the link at the end of the post. Please be aware that with it being a prototype, there is no voice chat built into the game. You can simulate it though by either simply being in the same room, or […]

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RPP Round 1 – Interim Update

The first week of Round 1 for Rapid Prototype Production (RPP) has come and gone. Each Round of RPP (there are 5) has a different theme and Round 1’s theme is the “Fun Factor.” Our goal is to make sure our game adheres to various guidelines on what actually makes a game fun. During class, […]

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